Jun 132013

Eventbrite - Mobile Brighton #31: Apps for Windows Store, and Converting to Android

Wendy Armstrong: Developing apps for the Windows Store using C# and XAML

Wendy Armstrong (@wendy_says)>: A lead software developer with over 10 years experience across a wide range of sectors. Focusing on native development for mobile/tablet devices, including Windows 8/Windows Phone and iOS.

Chris Ross: So you are a mobile developer and have an Android project to do and you haven’t done Android?

Chris Ross (@darkrock): I love to code and have a particular interest in programming languages, mobile applications and graphics programming. I have also worked on a number of other projects including Interactive Documents (a dynamic online documentation system).

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Jul 272012
Event #29: Beginners making games

August 9th Talk 1: Making an iPhone game with no prior experience (Adam Martin, Red Glasses) Working with a team of GCSE students, we’ve been building a new iPhone game from scratch. The game isn’t finished yet, but this is an early look at what’s working well so far in designing + developing the game, […]

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Jun 192012
Event #28: Game Design, Development, Publishing

July 11th Topic: Game Design, Development, Publishing Talk 1: Successful practices of Japanese Freemium developers (Marvelous AQL Europe) What we’ve found to be the successful things Japanese freemium developers are doing which most western devs aren’t. NB: this month’s event is on Wednesday, to coincide with the Develop Conference (annual games-industry conference in Brighton).

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Jun 192012

11th July (wednesday, not thursday!) Venue: 7pm @ Quadrant upstairs Eventbrite: Details + booking form 9th August Venue: 7pm @ Quadrant upstairs Eventbrite: Details + booking form 6th September Venue: 7pm @ Quadrant upstairs Eventbrite: Details + booking form

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